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Seeing revival come to an entire community takes all of us - individuals, churches, businesses, schools and other community partners. The desire of reviveARIZONA is that we will begin to see the power of the Gospel transform all spheres of society.


Wherever God has placed you, whatever your availability may be, He wants to use YOU to further His kingdom!

I Can Help


Link arms with other congregations to further the Gospel in your area.

My Church Can Help


Partner with us to share the Gospel in your school group, municipal arena, businesses or other community organization!

My Community Can Help


We invite YOU to join us for reviveARIZONA! Come for a morning time of prayer or join us for a time of training and outreach. Enjoy a meal with other believers in your community or attend an evening service to hear how God is moving in lives across the area. There are many ways to get involved with reviveARIZONA. Whatever your availability is, we encourage EVERY believer to participate at least ONCE. Visit the schedule page to see where and when you can join us!

Feeling a tug to help more? We need people like you to help keep things running. Following are more specific ways you can help:



reviveARIZONA is a big undertaking, and it takes many hands to accomplish the work. We need volunteers to help in each region with various tasks. These may include helping provide or serve food, assisting with administrative tasks, working with children or greeting at the front doors. Please contact the Regional Leader in your region.


Provide Housing

Hundreds of volunteers are coming from all over the country for reviveARIZONA. Do you have a bedroom or two to spare? Sign up to host a reviveARIZONA volunteer for a few days, a week, or as long as needed! Volunteers only need a place to sleep and shower as they spend their days at the reviveARIZONA outreach.

Be a Disciple-maker

Through the reviveARIZONA daily outreach, many lives are touched by the Gospel, and we need believers who will commit to walk alongside these individuals in their newfound faith. As a Disciple-Maker, you will be trained and equipped to lead your new disciple in a growing relationship with Christ.

Be a Disciple-maker

Become a Team Member

Has reviveARIZONA struck a chord with you, and you’re ready to be all in? Time to Revive is looking for team members here to join the team and help sustain the momentum of what God is doing through reviveARIZONA.

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Get Involved As A Church

reviveARIZONA desires that the fullness of the body of Christ be expressed here in the area, and that involves YOUR congregation! Every part of the body is important, and every congregation is vital to the health of the collective Church. Jesus says in John 17 that when we come together as the ONE Church, the world will know that He loves them. We pray that your church will link arms with the hundreds of other congregations partnering with reviveARIZONA, all for the purpose of declaring the Gospel in unity and glorifying God with one voice. There are many practical ways that your congregation can join reviveARIZONA: 



Join the mission to unite the Church and equip the saints to share the Gospel and make disciples by becoming a reviveARIZONA partner church. As a partnering church, we encourage you and your members to join with other believers as we go out to pray for people and share the Gospel. Visit the schedule page to learn more.

Be a Church Partner

Provide Meals

As reviveARIZONA continues into more regions, meals are provided to inspire fellowship and sustain laborers during the outreaches. Could your church provide one or two of those meals? We’re looking for churches to partner with reviveARIZONA in this way. Click the link below to sign up!

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Volunteers are needed in each region of reviveARIZONA. Could your church sign up to cover greeting for one night? Or maybe your members could serve the lunch meal on a Saturday. Volunteering with reviveKIDS is another great way congregations can partner with reviveARIZONA. Contact the Leader in your region to see how your church can help!


Get Involved As A Community

The Gospel is best communicated in relationship, and God has placed each of us in connected groups within our community. Jesus shared the Truth with the tax collectors around Matthew’s table and with the Samaritans through the testimony of the woman at the well. Where has God placed you to influence others with the Gospel message? We’ve shared the Gospel with sports teams, FCA groups, in courtrooms, after recovery groups, and inside correctional facilities. What connections has God given you, that you can use to further His Kingdom? 



Invite us to share the Gospel with your school or school group! We’ve seen many students, coaches and faculty say “Yes!” to the Lord through sharing with school groups. Whether it’s before school at an FCA gathering, during an optional meeting over lunch period, at a college chapel service, or on the baseball field after practice, our desire is to bless your peers with the Good News of Jesus.

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Municipal Arena

In past cities, we’ve prayed with people in the judge’s chambers, at police and fire stations, in the county courthouse with those waiting to go before the judge, and with inmates in correctional facilities. If you hold a municipal position, pray about how we can partner together to see the Gospel transform lives in your sphere of influence!

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Partnership in the Gospel is the heart of reviveARIZONA. Churches, ministries, businesses, and schools are linking arms to advance the Gospel in Arizona.

Invite the reviveARIZONA outreach teams to come pray for your employees and/or clients! Or partner with us to advance the Gospel through financial sponsorship.

Partner With Us

Get Involved As A Business

92% of Jesus’ public appearances in the New Testament occurred in the workplace. And more than 75% of people in the Bible did ministry as part of their daily work. It’s clear that the marketplace is central to the advancement of the Gospel. Jesus invested most of His time there, and the heart of reviveARIZONA is to follow His example. Maybe you’re a business owner or a manager in the workplace. Let’s partner together to see the power of the Gospel transform lives in the marketplace here through reviveARIZONA! 


Invite Us

Invite us to come pray for your business and share the Gospel with your employees! Recognizing that every business is different, we work with you to make a plan that works best for your company and employees. We’ve prayed and shared the Gospel in staff meetings, over lunch hour and in break rooms, and even in company-wide meetings where business has been put on hold to ensure everyone’s opportunity to hear the Good News. We’d love to partner with you and your business!

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Connect Us

Maybe you’re a businessman or woman who has many connections. Connect us with other businesses to see the Gospel advanced throughout the area! Our partnership with each business is tailored to the specific needs and setting of that particular business. This is how revival can spread throughout such a wide region - through the connections of each individual!

Connect Us


Many businesses support the advancement of the Gospel in their community through financial partnership. Sponsor a meal for a reviveARIZONA outreach. Provide Bibles and Gospel wristbands to be distributed in your area. Or maybe you have a unique product or service that can help advance the Gospel.